Capitalism isn’t working in Aotearoa. The top 10% of people own 70% of the wealth. Ordinary people are working long hours, yet wages have been far too low for decades. We have a housing crisis which has trapped an increasing number of people in the unaffordable, unregulated rental market, whilst those who are able to buy houses are taking out exorbitant mortgages to do so, all for the profit of a tiny elite. Climate change threatens to make much of the planet uninhabitable within our lifetimes. Understandably, many people, especially young people, are experiencing serious mental health problems.

Yet our political leaders and media are wedded to this broken economic system. Even moderate ideas about taxing the rich, rebuilding the welfare state and looking beyond the free market for solutions to the environmental and housing crises are nowhere near the agenda.

Watermelon Media seeks to change the narrative. We want to see an ecosocialist alternative to the current system, built by working class people fighting back against the bosses, landlords and bankers who are profiting from the exploitation of both people and planet.

Who We Are

Elliot Crossan is a socialist writer and activist. In 2017, he was Co-Convenor of the Young Greens of Aotearoa New Zealand, and he founded Watermelon Media at that time as an outlet to argue for a left-wing, ecosocialist perspective within the Green Party. He left the Greens in 2018 due to their centrist drift, and restarted Watermelon Media in 2022 to make the broader case for anticapitalist politics in Aotearoa.

Jennifer Pannell has a PhD in ecology. You can find her academic publications on Google Scholar. She now works for environmental NGOs and also has experience in the trade union movement. Her work for Watermelon Media includes design and data visualisation.